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Growth Groups (G2) are a place to grow and connect with others. These smaller-sized groups are designed for more interaction, sharing, and building spiritual friendships through exploring relevant topics from a Christian perspective. Groups meet from 11:30 – 12:30 every Sunday on the second floor of the Worship Center. Topics change each quarter.


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Fall 2017

Sep 2017 - Nov 2017


Shaped by the Gospel


Facilitators:  Pastor Jerry Wong, Calvin Wong, Joni Yee


​This Fall, our three Growth Groups will all explore the same topic of lives changed by the Holy Spirit’s leading.

​Many churches claim to understand and preach the gospel, but their ministry is not truly empowered by and centered on the Good News of Jesus. Real Gospel-centered ministry is driven by our beliefs, not our programs. The gospel is neither religion nor irreligion, but something else entirely—a third way of relating to God through grace. In Shaped by the Gospel, Timothy Keller addresses current discussions and conflicts about the nature of the gospel and how we can be renewed by its power, both individually and as a church.


I am convinced that no generation is ever outside of the leading of the Holy Spirit to advance God’s kingdom. Our problem, as always, is getting so busy with the non-essentials that we are no longer hearing His voice and obeying His commands. We always start out with the best of intentions and great passion, but just like the parable of the sower, the cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the Word. We want to always be in an attitude of repentance and dependence. We want to always seek alignment with the Holy Spirit through God’s word. This is why I want as many as possible to study this book together so we can be aligned with the Spirit’s leading through our Lord’s gospel.
-- Pastor Jerry Wong


Book Policy

SCBC encourages the use and study of books as a way to deepen your spiritual life. While book purchase is not required for the group (you can borrow a copy for the duration of the class and return it), the church encourages our congregation to build their reading library through subsidizing $5.00 off the lowest purchase price of the book.


Books this Quarter:

Shaped by the Gospel by Tim Keller

Purchase price: $7 Your price:  $2





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