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Pastor's Corner Pastor Larry April 2001

Written by  Lorsen Koo
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Pastor's Corner

April, 2001


All we hear about in the news these few days is the "rolling black out" in California. It caused many inconveniences and frustration for everyone who had experienced this first hand. It was more than news to us; it was reality. "Out of power" means no signal lights to control traffic flow; no production in factories, which means lost of revenue; and many other ill effects. One report I heard said that "one black out" equates to millions of dollars in lost revenue. How the State of California allow the "energy crisis" to come to this state of emergency is beyond the comprehension of common residents. There are so much politics wrapped around this issue. Involved parties are pointing fingers at each other instead of getting together to find a solution to the problem. "It is the regulations, State and Federal, that created a monster like this." Someone claimed, "Even with changes in the regulations, it’s going to take years to fix this problem."

As I sat down and try to understand this "problem" we are facing as a Californian, I came to realize that the major factor in all of this was the shortsightedness of the State. There is a "supply and demand" principle in almost everything. The State failed to calculate this principle when they regulated the energy policy. They failed to foresee the tremendous growth of industries and population from the prosperous economy in the past years until it was too late to act upon. Failing to look at the future and to develop a plan toward that goal seems to be a common "problem" human being faces. Many people dispense all their energy, focusing on the immediate present and fail to look at where life’s heading in the future. "Where is my life heading?" is a question we must ask ourselves from time to time, lest it is too late to do anything about it when we find out it’s not heading the direction we’ve hoped for. "What am I doing to ensure to that end?" is another question we should also be asking ourselves.

We’ve been talking about "power" in this article. In order to achieve to the end of what we hope will require power. God is willing to provide the unceasing power for disposure to those who plan according to His will. With this power, we will not have any "rolling black out" because it is built upon the "Resurrected Power" of the Lord Jesus Christ. He rose from the dead and claimed victory over the ruthless enemy of man—Satan, and the ultimate enemy of sin—death. This is the power God promised to those who trust in Him. Isn’t it great not be inconvenienced by the "rolling black out"?

Before I sign off, I would like to invite you to come to faith in Jesus Christ who alone claimed to be God from heaven, and His Resurrection is the proof of His claim without a doubt. Have a happy Easter!

Pastor Larry

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