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Pastor's Corner Pastor Larry December 2006

Written by  Lorsen Koo
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Pastor's Corner by Larry Tong


December, 2006


By the time you read this, it’s early December. “Black Friday” and “Black Monday” are behind us, but Christmas decorations in retail stores are at their heights to persuade us to stop in to shop for gifts before Christmas. One thing I realized is that there are fewer and fewer “Nativity Scenes” in shopping centers. We seldom see a baby sleeps in a trough, with donkeys and sheep nearby, and the father and mother standing behind the baby to attend the baby’s needs. The music throughout the stores has also changed in recent years. Even the signs from some of the stores have changed from “Christmas Season” to “Holiday Season.” Why these changes? Yes, I remember now. It is because some people protested the use of religious songs and imageries in public places because they are too offensive. They claimed that though there is religion freedom in this country, it is a private matter, and should not publicly display one’s Faith.


This upset many Christians, and as a result, decided to boycott the retail stores that stopped playing Christmas music and changed the slogan from Christmas greetings to Holiday Greetings. As I was meditating on this, I found myself asking, “When God looks at this from heaven, what is His reaction? Is God in-shock to see people gradually moving away from Him?” These questions drew me back to think about the first Christmas. Why the Nativity? Since God is all-knowing, didn’t He realize that the Jews would reject Jesus as the promised Messiah? Why did He allow His only begotten, beloved Son to go through the excruciating emotional and physical pain? Is He a cruel God?

We may never be able to understand what went through God’s mind when He sent His Son Jesus Christ two thousand years ago. In spite of knowing the rejection ahead of time, God still sent His Son Jesus Christ to die and to redeem the world. We can’t possibly fathom God’s love. We can only say, “What marvelous grace!” Therefore, I don’t think God is in shock with people pushing aside any notion of Christmas. I believe it hurts God the same way it hurt Him when Jesus was hung on the cross. Yet, His love and grace continue to flow from the cross on Calvary. God is relentless to save those who are willing to accept Jesus as their Savior.


The world is in full speed racing into an uncertain future. The “buzz” word since the 9/11 incidence is “Security.” However, are we secured? Those who reject Christmas certainly have uncertainty awaits them, but for those who have embraced the first Christmas, the Nativity is like a security blanket that keeps us warmly tucked in God’s security.


Before I sign off, dear friends, this security blanket is big enough for you to keep warm. If you haven’t come to know Jesus as your Savior, get under the blanket.


Pastor Larry

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