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Pastor's Corner Pastor Larry November 2004

Written by  Lorsen Koo
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Pastor's Corner

November, 2004


Recently I came across a story about a prince and his newly wedded wife. Due to the length of the story, I have to summarize it in order to fit this newsletter. During their honeymoon, they were extremely happy. However, one thought disturbed them, and that was how to retain their present happiness. A wise man who often gave advice told them, “travel through the country and wherever you meet a completely happily married couple, ask them for a small piece of linen they wear close to the body, and when you receive it, you must always carry it with you all the time.”


So they went. In one of the castles they visited, they heard of a knight and his wife who were said to be living the most happily married life. They went to ask him if the rumor was correct. “Yes, of course,” was the answer, “with one exception that we have no children!” That didn’t work for them. So they continued their journey. They came to a country where they heard of an honest citizen who lived in perfect unity and happiness with his wife. So they went to him and inquired if he really was as happily married as people said. “Yes, I am,” answered the man. “My wife and I live in perfect harmony; if only we didn’t have so many children, for they give us a lot of worries and sorrows!”


Disappointed, they went on looking for the perfect couple. One day, they came across a shepherd cheerfully playing the flute. Just at that time, they noticed a woman carrying a child on her arm, and holding a little boy by the hand, walked towards him. As soon as the shepherd saw them, he went to embrace them with tenderness. They ate a simple meal on the grass. All this was observed by the prince and his wife from a distance. They approached them and asked, “You must be a truly happily married couple.” “Yes, that we are,” said the man, “God be praised; no prince or princess could be happier than we are!” That’s it! The prince quickly asked for a small piece of linen garment as instructed by the wise man. The shepherd look puzzled, and finally said, “God knows we would be only too happy to give you not only a small piece, but the whole shirt, or undergarment, if we only had them, but we own not as much as a rag!”


The prince went back to the wise man discouraged from an unaccomplished mission, who taught them that true happiness is contentment—a rare gift on this earth. A simple story, isn’t it? But how difficult it is to have contentment. May be that’s the reason why there are so many unhappy people.


Before I sign off, I would like to remind you “godliness with contentment is great gain.” (I Tim. 6:6) God has given you the best gift—His very own life. Anything else is “icing on the cake.” During this Thanksgiving season, take time to thank God for what He has given you already. You’d be surprised how much peace and happiness contentment can bring. Happy Thanksgiving.


Pastor Larry
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