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Pastor's Corner Pastor Larry September 2003

Written by  Lorsen Koo
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Pastor's Corner

September, 2003


In July, government officials announced that they have uncovered credible threats of possible new airline suicide hijackings by the Al-Qaida terrorists planned for the latter part of the summer. This kind of shear fear factor (the fear of feeling unsafe) is the most difficult to handle. How can you “prevent” something that may or may not happen in the future? Worry won’t change anything, except causes “clinical depression” to those who chose this useless route to handle uncertainty. One thing for sure, if this kind of “fear factor” continues, it certainly will dampen the already weakened economy.


A couple of weeks ago, a “near impossible” scenario happened in the Northeastern quadrant of Northern America—a massive blackout. It affected millions and millions of households and businesses. The monetary loss is estimated to be in the billions. I don’t think anyone would expect that to happen. Terrorist’s attack was ruled out on this incident, but this unexpected event caused me to realize how vulnerable we are and how much we rely on modern technology. With civilization and technologies continue to improve, we, as human being, are increasingly vulnerable. We have lost our basic survival skill. By no means I am saying that civilization and technology are evil; it is just a simple fact. Who knows whether this kind of technological glitches will ever happen again?


Time of uncertainty proves to be the best time to share the Good News. Think about it. When people are affluent and when life seems to be calm, they would think of finding a shelter for safety. Only when they feel threatened, they will seek rescue. I believe God is giving Christians a window of opportunity to reach out to the people who are worried, and provide them with the security of God’s love and peace. Equip yourselves to share the Gospel with those who ask you about your hope (I Peter 3:15).


Restraint yourselves not to over-analyze whether this is the “End Time.” Do you still remember some good intended Christians read Hitler, Kissinger, Computer, and others as the 666 of the Bible. There is a very high probability that everything person or thing can end up with the number 666 if you try hard enough. Who know, maybe someone is working on President Bush or Prime Minister Sharon as the latest 666. This kind of “nonsense” becomes a laughing stock of non-Christians. What we are called to do is to give the reason of our hope with gentleness and respect.


Before I sign off, I pray that everyone who reads this article has the assurance that when Jesus comes, they’d are ready to welcome His grand entrance.


Pastor Larry
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