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Events January 2001

Written by  Lorsen Koo
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January, 2001


Welcome to the Family
We welcome three new members (Cathleen, Geoffrey, and Melody) to our church family. They were accepted as members by the church on December 17, 2000 and baptized on December 24. We had a good turnout at Pastor Larry’s home who witnessed their baptism. We praise God for a sunny December afternoon.


We praise God for bringing the two Christmas Celebrations to a close. We had a great time in both the English and the Chinese program. We had about 150-180 people attending each evening. Many of them were seekers. May the seed of the Gospel that sown through the "play" and the "message" continue to work in their hearts.


Please let us know
You’ve been receiving this newsletter for a while. If you have any comment, please let us know either by phone or e-mail. Since our web-page is already up and running, you can read the newsletter and the Scripture of the Month via the Internet. If you choose to do that instead of receiving a "hard copy," please let us know.

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