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Events November 2004

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November, 2004


Building Project Update
We had the city required “Community Meeting” on October 19. Other than about twenty church members attending the meeting, we had a city planner and one neighbor who came for the meeting. The neighbor brought up some concerns about parking, noise, and security. It seems that he was satisfied with the way we addressed his concerns. Our project maybe is scheduled on either the first or second week of November for the Public Hearing. Please continue to pray for the Lord’s guidance throughout the legal process and most importantly, our very own unity.


Theme for Next Year
As 2004 is coming to an end soon, we are planning for different ministries next year. We had the Officers’ Retreat on October 30. The theme for next year is “Living with a mission.” The focus is reaching out to people using God’s message with a balance of strengthening our own spiritual walk in the Spirit. We will also celebrate our 25th Anniversary on the first Sunday of October. We look forward to being led by the Holy Spirit into a new year of ministries. May we experience more of His grace and strength as we continue to be faithful to His callings.


Raymond and Connie will be married on November 20. May the Lord bless their wedding and their marriage; fill the wedding day with joy and their marriage with happiness.

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