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How do I change the left sidebar picture in the pastor's corner section?

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The pastor's corner section uses the Jumi [pastor's corner] module.  In that module, a box with a blank_1x1.gif is inserted as a placeholder.  The article is in responsible for invoking the jumi plugin to change the background of the placeholder via javascript.

So, in order to perform this operation.

#1. Make sure the image exists in the jumi component

    - Components -> Jumi

      - Insure that script id #3 houses the php code that points to the proper image

#2. In the article, insert the following:

    - { jumi [*3] [Image_Key]}

      - Note: Image_Key is the parameter that is being passed into the function within the Jumi Component.

[NOTE: This information is mainly for the older SCBC Website]



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