Spring Reflections

Sunday, 07 April 2013 15:22
by Pastor Larry Tong


When I look out to the backyard from my kitchen window, I see flowers blooming on the apple-pear tree. On the opposite side, I also see the lushly green MissionPeak. Though the weather is still a little cold at night, the sun is much warmer in the afternoon. It means spring has finally arrived: Winter is gone, and summer is approaching. After a few spring showers, we should be able to enjoy longer period of sunlight. In spring, the axis of the Earth gradually tilts relative to the Sun. The length of daylight increases due to the tilting effect. The temperate begins to increase causing new plant growth to "spring forth," giving the season its name. Isn’t it amazing? Who controls the earth to tilt in such a way relative to the sun? Many people called it, Mother Nature. Who sets the Nature on its course? Is it simply by chance? Can a baby be born by chance? Can a baby grow by chance? I’ll let you figure these “deep” questions on your own.

Let’s return to the season I love. Personally, I love springtime. It gives me a sense of moving forward from the cold and gloomy sunless winter towards the bright and sunny summer. I don’t like winter. Cold weather makes me not want to go outdoors. I feel more lethargic. With the lack of outdoor activities and the cold weather, our immune system goes down and causes people to get sick more easily. I like summer, except for the scorching heat which we have to endure from time to time (even in the mild-weathered Bay Area). I like spring better than autumn, because psychologically, spring is moving from bad (cold) to good (warm). Whereas as autumn goes from good to bad. Do you look towards a better future? I believe everyone hopes for a better future. Don’t you? But who’s there to ensure a better future? Is your world going to tilt the right way? This is where the Gospel of Jesus Christ comes in. He paved a way to ensure a better future in Heaven. All it takes is to simply believe the free offer from God, and step on the path. There is no need to make this too complicated. Just as God put in motion to tilt the earth relative to the sun and therefore bringing the four seasons in its time, He set in motion the way for people to enjoy the “bright” future in Heaven.   

Spring refers to a season of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth. Spring seems to give people hope. The seemingly dead Apple-pear tree, without any leave, begins to bud. Then flowers and leaves begin to grow, and finally, in a few months, fruits will appear. Spring is the season to ponder life for some, and to enjoy life for others. I love spring. It seems the birds are singing louder. Streams are fuller from the melting snow from the mountain.

Before I sign off, I invite you to think about your future. Are you for certain heading to the right direction? Do you have a brighter future when this world comes to an end? Enjoy the nice weather, and in the meantime, think about God’s offer to a brighter future. 


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