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Wednesday, 31 October 2001 16:00

Events November 2001

Written by Lorsen Koo


November, 2001


New Officers’ Retreat
This year’s New Officers’ Retreat is set for Nov. 3rd. We’ll start at 9:00am with breakfast. Worship follows at 9:30 and the retreat will end with Council meeting at 4:00pm. There will be a message and challenge from the pastor, brainstorming sessions on “How to reach our target” and “Prevention of burn-out.” Then, a time to put together the church calendar for next year. After the Church Council adopts the theme and goal setting, we will announce to the congregation.


We will have a Short Term Missions Sharing on Nov. 2nd (Friday) at 7:30pm at church. Short-term missionaries will share their experience in their involvement at CityTeam Ministries in Jonesboro, Arkansas and also in China. There will also be sharing from the team going to Cambodia in December. Hope you will come and join us.

Christian Media Outreach is sponsoring a Cantonese movie, Windy days windy nights on Nov. 10th (Saturday) at 7:30 at our neighboring church, Emmanuel Family Life Center. Admission is free.

November 25th (Sunday) is a special Thanksgiving Joint Worship. Deacon William Wu will be the speaker of the day.

Tuesday, 31 October 2000 16:00

Events November 2000

Written by Lorsen Koo


November, 2000


It’s Done!
With great relieve, I’m reporting to you that the building project has been completed. We are fully utilizing all the new classrooms of the new extension, and every group is busy trying to "decorate" their room these days. We truly thank God for keeping us together throughout this long process.

Richard and Esther had a baby girl on Sept. 30. She is their first child.
Thomas and Amy had a baby girl on Oct. 14. She is their fourth child.


Wedding Bells:
March 2001: Joshua and Sarah, Calvin and Minette
April 2001: Andrew and Marianne
July 2001: Isaac and Grace


Short-term Mission
Brother Mike has made his plan to go to Jonesboro and minister at City-team Ministries for about three months. He will be leaving us on November 28. He will also attend Urbana Conference in Illinois the week between Christmas and New Year. We thank the Lord for calling him for the ministry, and we support his endeavor with all of our prayers.


Finally, don’t forget to vote on November 7th if you are registered to vote. If Christians don’t vote, we forfeit our right to make changes; and in doing so, we allow ungodly people to take control of the future of this country.

Friday, 30 April 2010 16:00

Events May 2010

Written by Lorsen Koo



May 2010


English Pastor


We are excited to inform you that the church has called Pastor Peter Wang to be the English Pastor. He came with the experience of over ten years of youth pasturing and three years of church planting in the Bay Area. He is married to Anne, and has a daughter, Ava, who is two and an half. He graduated from Western Seminary, and is a candidate of Doctorate of Ministry at Gordon Cromwell Theological Seminary. We look forward to co-labor with him to expand God’s kingdom.


Building Project Update


We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in the building project. Most of the issues have been resolved. If Lord’s willing, it would probably take us about 4 weeks to wrap up everything. The site work is almost completed. Landscaping has started by SCBC team. Site and interior clean up have started for striping parking spaces and carpet installing. We thank God for allowing us to build the sanctuary for His glory. We also want to be mindful to keep a spirit of unity to use the facility to expand His Kingdom.


New Addition


Welcome to the family of SCBC: Push Yau was baptized on Easter Sunday. We pray that the Lord will continue to nourish her into spiritual maturity through our ministries.


Congratulations to Tony and Vanessa for the birth of a baby girl, Chelsea, their first, on March 18. May the Lord bless them.

Thursday, 30 April 2009 16:00

Events May 2009

Written by Lorsen Koo



May 2009


Missions Emphasis Month


Each year in May, we set aside this month to be our Missions Emphasis Month. This year, we have invited Miss Elizabeth Lowe, a missionary from OMF (formerly known as Inland China Missions) as our speaker. She will speak in English (no translation) on Friday (the 22nd) to a Chinese group, and two worships on Sunday (the 24th), and a social with the English group during Sunday lunch. Please come and join us to hear what God is doing in her life and about what God is doing in the world.


This year, our Missions Budget Pledge is $46,500. In light of the building project and the economic downturn, the Missions Department decided to lower our pledge this year. We pray that we may resume a more aggressive drive next year.


Welcome to the Family


We had a baptismal service last month, on Easter Sunday. We are filled with joy to see seven people baptized into the Body of Christ and joined SCBC as members. Nancy, Wendy, Mo, Ho, Jeanne, Michelle and Tat (all via Baptism), and Emily (via application). Welcome to the Family. We pray that you will continue to grow in this church, and eventually find your roll in the big family.


Wednesday, 30 April 2008 16:00

Events May 2008

Written by Lorsen Koo


May, 2008


Missions Emphasis Month

May is our Missions Emphasis Month, and during this month, we will promote Missions work around the globe as well as what we should do as World Christians. Our Missions Pledge goal for the upcoming year (July through June) is $55,600. This giving should be above and beyond our regular giving. All the giving received are for Missions works, and will be diverted to support missionaries and organizations. May the Lord bless those who faithfully give to the Missions budget.

Building Project Update

The General Contractor and the sub-contractor have reached an agreement, and the completion of the steel roofing and the second floor should resume soon. As of now, we still haven’t heard from the City of San Jose about our CUP application for retaining the existing multi-purpose building. Please continue to pray for the ever-challenging project.

Monday, 30 April 2007 16:00

Events May 2007

Written by Lorsen Koo


May, 2007


Building Project Update
After a long wait, we have finally received the Building Permit from the City of San Jose. If the Lord’s willing, we will start to demolish the “house” in the first week of May, and prepare the site for foundation. We plan to have a luncheon to celebrate this event, and take a group picture afterwards. Please come and join us for this historical event.


Missions Update
The month of May is our annual Missions Emphasis Month. The Missions pledge goal hasn’t been set, but will be announced soon. Please pray for the missionaries we have been supporting so that they may continue to faithfully serve the Lord in different parts of the world.


Kevin and Karen were married on April 21st. May the Lord bless them with a memorable honeymoon and a home that reflects God’s love.

Mike and Sabrina will be getting married on May 12. May the Lord bless them with wonderful weather and a joyous wedding.

Sunday, 30 April 2006 16:00

Events May 2006

Written by Lorsen Koo


May, 2006


Will and Cordelia will celebrate their wedding on May 27, 2006. May the Lord bless the union of the two individuals into one identity. May the Lord also pour His blessings on the wedding day with exceeding joy.


We want to praise the Lord for a blessed Easter Sunday. We had a wonderful joint worship, and during the worship we had four families who dedicated their infants to the Lord. May the Lord bless Hannah, Kaeli, Alythia and Atticus as their parents and the church join hands together to bring them up in the Lord. That afternoon, we had five brothers and sisters baptized into the Body of Christ. We pray that the Lord will continue to cause a spiritual growth to Tony, Jenny, Luisa, Mazzie and Sonia.


Happy Mother’s Day
To the many mothers in our church, I wish you an exceedingly happy Mother’s Day. I pray that your children honor and respect you not just for today, but for who you are. Here is a quote by Abraham Lincoln to think about: “No man is poor who has had a godly
Saturday, 30 April 2005 16:00

Events May 2005

Written by Lorsen Koo


May, 2005


Missions Emphasis Month
May is our Annual Missions Emphasis Month. This year, we’ve invited a missionary couple Dr. and Mrs. David Leung to share with us their work in China on May 13 (Friday night) at 7:30pm . David will also be preaching from God’s Word to both congregations on May 15 (Sunday) morning. I personally invite all of you to come join us. This year, the budget for Missions support is $45,000, and the list of the Missionaries and Missions organizations will be provided for you in May. I pray that you will prayerfully and financially support this work so that we may take part to expand the Kingdom of God .


English Pastor Update
The Board of Deacons would like to invite all of you to meet our candidate on May 1st (Sunday). Pastor Jonathan Lee will be preaching in both services (Chinese service will be translated for him). After the regular luncheon, we will meet him for an “Open questions and answers” session so that you may know him more. Lord willing, the tentative schedule will look something like this: meet the candidate on the first Sunday in May, special Council meeting on the third Sunday, and special Business Meeting on the fifth Sunday. Please pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in making a decision. Pastor Jonathan brings with him over twenty years of ministerial experience. He started the ministry as a youth minister. He has also ministered in a few churches in the Bay Area.

Friday, 30 April 2004 16:00

Events May 2004

Written by Lorsen Koo


May, 2004


The possible Missions trips we plan for this year are as follow:


To Mexico: minister to children in two local churches (Summer)


To Arizona: work with other Chinese Baptist churches to minister to Native Indians American (July 23-30)

Except for the trip to Arizona, the date and certainty of other Missions trips are not completely set, but if you’re interested to join any trip, please contact any member of the Missions Department or church staffs.


In the summer, Annie plans to go to China for short term Missions.


Our Pledge goal for this year is: $45,000

With beautiful weather, we witnessed the baptism of three new members on April 11 (Easter Sunday): Calvin, Clifton, and Sarah. Pray that they continue to grow in the Lord.


Hien and Susan were married on April 4. We pray that God will pour blessings upon their new marriage.

Congratulations to Geoffrey and Min on their new arrival, Ada, on April 4. May God give them good health.

Wednesday, 30 April 2003 16:00

Events May 2003

Written by Lorsen Koo


May, 2003


Welcome to the Family
We had a very good Easter. We commemorated the death of our Lord on Friday night, and celebrated His Resurrection on Sunday. On Sunday afternoon, we baptized four into the family of God, who held off the rain long enough for us to enjoy the outdoor baptism. We would like to welcome all eight new members: Edmund, Jing, Emcee, Michael, Ray, Rhena, Perikila, and Sophia. May the Lord continue to bring them up into spiritual maturity.


Missions Emphasis Month
Instead of having a weekend of Missions Conference, we will have a month long of Missions emphasis. A missionary from OMF will share a message on the first Sunday (joint worship). Then we will conclude with another joint worship on the last Sunday. The Missions Pledge goal this year is $45,000. This giving should be above the regular giving to the church’s general fund.


Cantonese Evangelical
There will be a Cantonese evangelical drama, titled “Found Again” on May 31 (Saturday) at 7:30 pm. Please invite your friends and families to come watch this well-scripted and well-played drama. Admission is free. Nursery is available.

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