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Thursday, 30 November 2006 16:00

Events December 2006

Written by Lorsen Koo


December, 2006


Worthy of Praises
We praise God for giving us an opportunity to glorify Him by ordaining Brother Anselm as a minister of the Gospel on November 26. About 180 people attended the Spirit-filled Ordination Service. By this time, Rev. Siao has already returned to Hong Kong to continue His ministry at Chinese Christian Herald Crusade. May the Lord richly bless him and his ministry.

We want to welcome the following new family members (to be accepted in the fourth quarter’s business meeting on Dec. 17):

Via Baptism: Mike, Mei, Olivia and Valerie
Via Application: Benjamin, Lin and Tze-Kuan
Via Transfer: Ken, Patty, Polly and Steven


We will be having our Annual Christmas Celebrations. On December 22 (Friday), please come and join us for the English Celebration, and on December 23 (Saturday), we will have the Cantonese Celebration. Both celebrations will begin at 7:30pm. Admission is free.

On December 24 (Sunday), we will have our Joint worship to celebrate Christmas at 11:00am. Please come and celebrate with us the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, and at 3:00pm, we will have baptism at Pastor Larry’s home.

Wednesday, 30 November 2005 16:00

Events December 2005

Written by Lorsen Koo


December, 2005


Christmas Celebration
We will have a different approach this year to celebrate Christmas. We will have a joint (Cantonese and English congregation) event on December 23 (Friday). We start the evening with having a potluck dinner at 7:00pm. Please bring a dish or two to share with others. After dinner, we will celebrate with singing and close with drawing gifts. You are encouraged to invite your friends to come to join us in this casual event.


We will also have Joint Christmas Worship on Sunday. Pastor Jonathan will lead us in this special celebration. Afterward, at 3pm, we will have a baptismal service at Pastor Larry’s home. You are invited to attend all the events.


New Year is coming!
As this year is coming to an end, what kind of plans do you have for next year? Is there anything you would like to equip yourself so as to be useful to the Master? There is one thing we would like to encourage you to consider, that is to join us as “prayer warriors.” We will roll out a plan to have you sign up to pray for the church. We are hoping that there will be family members of the church praying for God’s kingdom every waking hour of the day.

Tuesday, 30 November 2004 16:00

Events December 2004

Written by Lorsen Koo


December, 2004


Welcome to the Family
We would like to extend our warmest welcome to the six new members who will be baptized in the Body of Christ on December 19: Richie, Tony, Jessica, Jennifer, Jaimee, and Flora. Of course, their membership confirmation will be finalized during the Business meeting on December 12.


As usual, we have two Christmas Celebrations this year. The English program will be held on the 17th (Friday) at 7:30pm . There will be a drama entitled “Jason’s Judgment.” The Chinese program will be held on the 18th (Saturday) at 7:30pm . There will also be three short skits with a message from the pastor.


There will be a joint worship on Sunday at 11:00am . This year, we will concentrate more on celebrating the Birth of Christ with praises, with only a short message in between. Please come to celebrate with us.


Building Project Update
On November 17, we received a Conditional Use Permit issued by the City of San Jose at the Public Hearing. We will move forward to the next phase of the project—securing an architect to draw the construction drawings. We have one year from the date of issuance to start construction. Otherwise, we will have to file for extension. We covet your prayers for us to be united in moving forward and to have the resources to build the sanctuary for God’s glory and work.


Alex and Angela gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Ian, on November 7. He weighed over 7 lbs and measured 19 inches. Both mother and child are doing well.


Sunday, 30 November 2003 16:00

Events December 2003

Written by Lorsen Koo


December, 2003


To celebrate Christmas this year, our church has two programs, one is in Chinese, on Dec 19 (Friday), and the other is in English, on Dec 20 (Saturday). Both programs will be from 7:30pm-9:30pm . I sincerely invite you and your friends to come and celebrate with us. There will be singing, skits, gift drawings, and a short message.


There will also be a Joint Sunday Worship on Dec 21. Worship Service will be at 11:00am and all Sunday school classes will be at 9:30am . On the same Sunday afternoon, there will be a Baptismal Service at Pastor Larry’s home at 3pm .


Welcome to the Family
Welcome the new members who will be joining our church during the Business Meeting on December 14. Five of them will be baptized: Sarah (next Easter), Nick, Janely, Anita, and Katina. One will transfer from another Baptist church: Annie. Four by application: Alex, Karen, Isaac, and Vanessa. May God continue to build up their faith in the Lord.


Thank You
During last month’s Canned Food Drive , we have collected a lot of canned food. This year, many of you have brought clothing and toys as well. All the donated items were delivered to the CityTeam Ministries. Thank you so much for participating, and may the Lord bless you with abundant grace.

Saturday, 30 November 2002 16:00

Events December 2002

Written by Lorsen Koo


December, 2002


Welcome to the Family
We will have a special Business Meeting on December 15 to accept several new members—three through Baptism. We want to welcome all of them into our Spiritual Family. Baptismal Service will be held on the following Sunday at Pastor Larry’s home at 3pm. All is welcome to join us for this joyous occasion.


Christmas Celebrations
This year, we will have two Christmas celebrations. The English Congregation will be celebrating Christmas on Friday, December 20, and the Chinese Congregation will be celebrating on Saturday, December 21. There will be worship, Christmas Play, Gifts, and other fun activities. Both programs will be from 7:30-10:00pm.

2002 Chinese Christmas Play

We will also have a Joint Christmas Worship on December 22 (Sunday) at 11:00am.

We would like to invite you to come to all or any of the Christmas celebrations. Bring your friends along, and let us celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

Friday, 30 November 2001 16:00

Events December 2001

Written by Lorsen Koo


December, 2001


Short-term Missions!
During our Joint worship on December 2nd, we will be sending a team of five from our church to Cambodia for three weeks of Short-term Mission. They will broad on Dec. 16 and will return on Jan. 7. Sam Cheng, Meng Chhun (leader), Alex Chow, Ivan Lee, and Joanne Wu thank God for the opportunity, the church for the support, and the individuals who made financial and prayer commitment. May the Holy Spirit accompany them and give them grace to adapt to the weather and the workload.


We hear from the two sisters, Helen and Susan, who are working in China from time to time. Both of them are doing fine and adjusting to the changing weather. Both of them are saying that it’s getting cold there. Please continue to pray for them.


Mike Ling is returning to the Bay area after a year of Missions in Arkansas. Please pray that he can find a job soon.


We would like to invite you to attend our Christmas celebration. On Dec. 21 (Friday), we will have the English celebration. The Youth and JV group will present a play on Christmas. On Dec. 22 (Saturday), we will have the Chinese Christmas Praise Night. Both of the celebrations will start at 7:30pm.


We will have a Joint Worship on December 23 to celebrate Christmas. At 3pm the same day, we will have a Baptismal Service at Pastor Larry’s home.

Thursday, 30 November 2000 16:00

Events December 2000

Written by Lorsen Koo


December, 2000


Christmas is Approaching. We have two different Christmas Celebrations at church this year: On 22nd (Friday), the English Congregation will present a play entitled "A Broken Trophy" and on 23rd (Saturday), the Chinese Congregation will present a different play entitled "Who?" Both Celebrations will begin at 7:30pm

We will have a Baptismal Service on 24th (Sunday) afternoon at 3pm at Pastor Larry’s home.


Theme for Next Year
The church has adopted a direction for next year. We will be putting our focus on Evangelism–not so much on training believers to be Fishers of Men, but on the "Men" instead. The theme "Cast the Net" is chosen to remind Christians to feed the Gospel to the seekers so that they may be saved through faith.


Thursday, 31 July 2008 16:00

Events August 2008

Written by Lorsen Koo


August, 2008


Sunday School Faire

This year we will have a special Sunday School Faire on August 10, immediately following Chinese worship. There will be BBQ and games. The purpose for this special event is to promote various Sunday school classes to the congregations, and it will be re-enforced through preaching on that day as well. We extend a warm welcome to all of you, so that you may meet all the department members and the teachers. Let’s have a blast!

Building Project Updates

The steel workers are back to work on site. It seems the works are slow in coming, and the Building Project Committee has been working with the General Constructor to push the project forward as much as they can. Hopefully, by the end of August, the roof will be completed.

In the meantime, we are still working to obtain a letter from the school district for submittal to a Conditional Use Permit to retain the current multi-purpose building. For an unknown reason, the person-in-charge hasn’t been able to draft the letter. The Committee is also investigating on a back-up plan for off-site parking. Instead of having over 100 parking spaces, the alternative site only has fifty-six spaces.

Please do continue to pray for the different progresses for the building.

Tuesday, 31 July 2007 16:00

Events August 2007

Written by Lorsen Koo


August, 2007


no events this month.

Monday, 31 July 2006 16:00

Events August 2006

Written by Lorsen Koo


August, 2006


We would like to invite you to enjoy an evening of Traditional Chinese Opera Gospel Musical on August 26 (Saturday) evening from 7:00pm to 9:30pm. Nursery is open for those with infants.

There will be an Orientation Night for new students who will be attending DeAnza College on August 27 (Sunday) from 3pm to 8:30pm, dinner included. This is a free service to aid new foreign students from Hong Kong, Macau and China who speak Cantonese, to adjust to the new living environment, to learn the ins-and-outs of taking classes, and so on. If you know of anyone who is in need of this service, please let us know.

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