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Monday, 31 March 2008 16:00

Events April 2008

Written by Lorsen Koo


April, 2008


Building Project Update

We are still in progress to apply for the CUP to retain the existing multi-purpose building. The date for public hearing has not been set. There are minor comments from the City that needed to be addressed by the church, and we are working on them. As far as finishing the erecting of the steel structure, the General Contractor is working with the Sub-contractor to finalize the contract. We should have a decision very shortly. After the roof and the second floor panels are in placed, the Building Committee will convene to discuss the planning procedure as to how we will continue with the project. After that, they will inform the church. Please be patient with this delay, and please continue to pray for wisdom for the members so that they may make wise choices. They are working extra hard trying to make everything right, and may the Lord bless their efforts.

Joyful News

During Easter Sunday last month, we have four families who brought their new infants before the church for dedication. The parents of these infants are committed to bring up their children in the way of the Lord. The church acknowledged them, and will be working hand-in-hand with the parents in order to bring up the children so that they may know the Lord from a very young age and not go astray from the teachings of the Bible.

In the same afternoon, over fifty people went to Pastor Larry’s home to witness three new members being baptized, and listened to testimonies of all five new members (two new members transferred from another Baptist church). There is nothing more joyful than seeing more people entering the Kingdom of God. Pray that all of them may continue to grow in the Lord.

Saturday, 31 March 2007 16:00

Events April 2007

Written by Lorsen Koo


March, 2007


Building project update
We're making progress on the building project!!  The City has approved the grading permit which allows us to prepare the ground for the building foundation.  Asbestos removal was done the end of March. Demolition of the house will be scheduled soon.  Building permit is imminent.  Please continue to pray for the building project.


Welcome to the Family
During the last Business Meeting, the congregation accepted eight new members: Alice, Iris, Jacob, Jana, Jennifer, Phyllis, Stanley and Tat.  All of them will be baptized on Easter Sunday.  Praise The Lord and pray that they will continue to grow in the Lord.


On Good Friday (4/6), there will be two separate programs to commemorate Jesus’ crucifixion, one in Chinese and one in English. Both programs will be from 7:45pm to 9:30pm. We sincerely invite you to come join us.

On Easter Sunday (4/8), we will have a joint worship service at 11:00am to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. There will also be an infant dedication ceremony during worship.  On the same Sunday afternoon, we will be having a Baptismal Service at Pastor Larry’s home at 3:00pm.  All of you are welcome to join these joyous occasions.


Wedding Bells
Karen and Kevin will be having their wedding on April 21.  Congratulations!  We pray that their marriage will be filled with God’s love and blessings.

Friday, 31 March 2006 16:00

Events April 2006

Written by Lorsen Koo


April, 2006


Welcome to the Family

During the first quarter Business meeting, we accepted a relatively large number of new members to join us. Five will be via baptism: Jenny, Sonia, Tony, Luisa and Mazzie. Eight by application: Joyce, Hong, Don, Mary Lou, Maggie, Grace, Frank and Yisi. Welcome aboard! We pray that as part of the spiritual family, you will grow by being nourished and getting involved in ministries so as to expand God’s Kingdom.



  • We will have a special Good Friday Service on April 14 (Friday) at 7:45pm. The Passover meal and its significance will be shared during the service.
  • We’ll have a full day of celebration on Easter Sunday. Since there will be a Joint Worship (Chinese and English) at 11:00am, all Sunday school classes will start at 9:30am. During the celebrating worship, we will also have “Infant Dedication.” It is a time for parents to dedicate their child to being brought up in the Lord, so that parents and the church may join hands together to teach them about God and the truth.
  • At 3:00pm on Easter Sunday, a Baptismal Service will be held at Pastor Larry’s home. You are cordially invited to join us in celebrating in all the special events.
  • We’ll also be participating in the 30-hours famine on April 28-29, in order to firstly experience what is it like to go hungry for a period of time, and secondly to raise fund to support World Vision to feed the hungry people in the poor part of the world.
Thursday, 31 March 2005 16:00

Events April 2005

Written by Lorsen Koo


April, 2005


Welcome to the Family
During our First Quarter Business Meeting, four new members were accepted into the family of Southbay. Christina and Lisa are being accepted via Baptism, and Rufus and Hukani via application. May the Lord bless them and equip them to grow in the Lord.


Spring Retreats: Utilizing the Spring Break from DeAnza College , the Caleb Fellowship will be having their Retreat from March 25th through 27th (Friday through Sunday). There will be about thirty people attending. Pray that Minister Pinnie will deliver convicting messages for these college students.


The youth group will be having their Annual Spring Retreat from April 1st through 3rd (Friday through Sunday). Pray that they will have a meaningful time of fellowship and learning God’s Word.


Christian Education
A more systematic Chinese Christian Education Program is set to give birth in the upcoming quarter. There will be four classes for students to choose from. The English program is still at its planning stage. Pray that the Lord will use this program to help students find passion in studying God’s Word. Thank you, Sunday school department, for your hard work!

Wednesday, 31 March 2004 16:00

Events April 2004

Written by Lorsen Koo


April, 2004


Easter Celebration
On Good Friday (April 9), there will be a Joint Commemoration Service. We will also observe the Lord’s Supper that night.


On Easter Sunday (April 11), we will have a Joint Worship to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We will have an Infant Dedication during worship. At 3:00pm , we will have a Baptismal Service at Pastor Larry’s home, followed by food and fellowship. You are all invited to attend.


The Youth and JV will be having a Spring Retreat during Easter weekend. Pray that they will have a memorable time celebrating Easter.


Welcome to the Family
During the first quarter’s business meeting, we accepted three new members into our family: Calvin, Sarah, and Clayton. They will be baptized on Easter Sunday.


Congratulations to Philip and Mary Ann’s new arrival, Amaelia, who was born on February 26. Both mother and daughter are doing fine.  They already joined us for worship.


Congratulations to Eddy and Xin Mei’s new arrival, Haley, who was born on March 24. They are home resting.

Congratulations to Paul and Mandy’s new arrival, Curtis, who was born on March 26.  Both mother and son are doing fine.


You’re Invited
Our church will start a new Sunday school curriculum in April for 3 months. We will use the book Purpose Driven Life as a reference. If you have read it or know the author’s thrust, you would know that he drives people to study the Bible, not his book. It is only used as a guide.


There will be a peaceful demonstration on April 25 (Sunday) from 2 to 5 pm on 19th Ave. in SF to protest legalizing Same Sex Marriage. If you are convicted on this issue, you are more than welcome to join the effort. Our church’s stance on this issue is very clear: God is displeased with homosexual activities. Though He loves sinners, yet He hates sinful acts. So do we.

Monday, 31 March 2003 16:00

Events April 2003

Written by Lorsen Koo


April, 2003


Good Friday and Easter Sunday
We will have a Joint Fellowship on April 18 (Friday night) to commemorate the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ. On the following Sunday, we will have a Joint Worship at 11:00 to celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior. During the worship, there will be an Infant Dedicating Prayer, if needed. In the afternoon, a Baptismal Service will be held at Pastor Larry’s home at 3pm. We will probably have eight to ten new members (four being baptized) this time. We thank God for adding new people to our church.


JV / Youth Spring Retreat
As I’m writing this newsletter, I received bad news that Seri’s, the guest speaker for the JV/Youth Spring Retreat, grandmother had been admitted to a hospital in Japan. In light of that event, she would have to change her plan to return to Japan, which meant she wouldn’t be able to come to the retreat. During the church prayer meeting, the counselors prayed for Seri and her grandmother, and also worked up a back-up plan. Since we can’t secure a speaker in such a short notice, they decided to take on the challenge and shared the responsibility to speak. Sitting in the meeting with the counselors, I see their genuine care for the youths, in which I praise God. May God bless them and continue to use them to help the youths to grow in Christ.

Sunday, 31 March 2002 16:00

Events April 2002

Written by Lorsen Koo


April, 2002


Welcome to the Family!
We would like to welcome the following new family members:
Paul Leung, Mandy Leung, Kings Tsang, and Mandy Cheung: to be baptized on Easter Sunday.
Howard Wong and Amanda Wong: via transfer.
Michael Lam and Hien Tran: via application.


Welcome on Board
We welcome Sister Pinnie Wu as the Associate Minister, commencing April 1, 2002. The church will have an inauguration ceremony on April 7, 2002 during the worship service. You are cordially invited to attend.


Annual Missions Conference
Our Annual Missions Conference this year is fast in approaching. It will be held on April 19 through April 21. This year, we are honored to have Dr. Roy Low as our speaker. Dr. Low is an Old Testament Professor at Western Seminary. He is also planning to go the Singapore Theology Seminary as a missionary/Bible teacher. Marvin Mings, one of the missionaries we are supporting, will also share with us his ministries with the Native Indians. Please join us . . .


Basketball Game
Our youth basketball team is competing in a tournament with three other churches on Saturday (04/13/02) from 10:00am-2:00pm at Fremont Community Center. Come and cheer them on! For details, write Gary Quan at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Saturday, 31 March 2001 16:00

Events April 2001

Written by Lorsen Koo


April, 2001


Church Activity
On April 13, we will have a special joint program to commemorate "Good Friday" at church at 7:30pm. Brother Ming Ng will head up this special event. We invite you to come and join us in remembering the Lord’s suffering and death.

On Easter Sunday, we will have an "Infant Dedication" during the Joint Worship, and at 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon, you are invited to go to Pastor Larry’s home to witness the baptism of three new believers: Clifton, Quy, and May. Fellowship and food following the Baptismal Service.


We will have a special Cantonese Praise Night on April 20 (Friday). We take this opportunity to sing praises to God to glorify Him.

Mission Update
We thank God for leading the Annual Missions Conference last month. We thank God that we’ve surpassed our goal of $50,000.00. May God bless everyone who participates prayerfully and financially.


The date for two church sponsored trips has been set:
July 24 through August 4 to Jonesboro, Arkansas
December 16 through January 6 to Cambodia.

Marianne and Andrew for their wedding on April 21. May God bless their marriage with His unceasing love.

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