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Events June 2005

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Tuesday, 31 May 2005 16:00


June, 2005


Welcome Pastor Jonathan and family!
Resolution was passed last month at the special business meeting to call Rev. Jonathan Lee as our English Pastor starting June 1, 2005. Welcome aboard, Pastor Jonathan, Sarah and their two childern, Christopher and Samantha.

Events June 2004

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Monday, 31 May 2004 16:00


June, 2004


Church Staff Update
I failed to announce and welcome the new Church Officer Administrator last month. Daniel Chow replaced Min who decided to be a homemaker after the birth of her new baby. Daniel decided to take an early retirement from his career and dedicated his ministry full time at church. Welcome aboard, Daniel. May the Lord bless your ministries.


Update on the search of an English Pastor
The church interviewed a candidate in May. The Board of Deacons had an opportunity to meet with Lionel to share our vision and his passion. We also arranged an opportunity for him to meet the Church Council members and the church separately. A final decision should be made by the end of May. At the time of writing this newsletter, we haven’t met to make a recommendation to the church as yet.


A New Book
Pastor Larry wrote a book entitled Living with Purpose published by Baptist Press in Hong Kong. It is a bilingual book. His intention is to give all the proceeds to the church building fund. He plans to give them away, and if anyone feels blessed by God and wants to expand God’s kingdom by assisting our building project, they are encouraged to send in their donations to the church, designated as Building Fund. If you would like to have a copy, please email us. The anticipated date of arrival is sometime in July or August.


Events June 2003

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Saturday, 31 May 2003 16:00


June, 2003


Happy Father’s Day
This month we celebrate Father’s Day on the 15th. It’s not easy to be a good father at this time and age, especially for the most of us—OBC (Overseas born Chinese). We have two things that work against us—Generation and Cultural Gaps. Here are a couple of quotes as food for thought:


“Aristotle defined character as the decisions a person makes when the choice is not obvious. My father used to say, ‘Character is the way we act when nobody’s looking.’” (D. Bruce Lockerbie)


“The work an unknown good man has done is like a vein of water flowing hidden underground, secretly making the ground green.” (Thomas Carlyle)


For the graduates:
Alex and Joshua from college: May God continue to guide the both of you in your career or further studies.

Beatrice, Valerie, Jeremy, Katina, Warren, and Lisa from high school: Pray that you will bring the Lord with you wherever you go.


Wedding Bells:
Ivan and Karen will be getting married on June 21. May God grant you with beautiful weather on your wedding day and your home as a channel of His blessings.


Raymond and Connie were engaged in April. The Wedding day is to be determined.

Bobby and Helen were engaged in May. The Wedding day is to be determined.


Events June 2002

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Friday, 31 May 2002 16:00


June, 2002


Missions Update
We praise God for speaking to us through the AMC. We thank God for the following commitments:
Pray for Missionaries: 31 individuals/families
Receive Seminary Training: 8 individuals
Mission Trips: 11 individuals
Career Missionary: 6 individuals
Interested in Short-term Missions:6 individuals
Total Faith Pledge: $51,500.00
Please continue to pray for those who want to be involved in Missions. May God show them a clear path.

Wedding Bells: Sharon and Daniel is getting married on June 8. May God bless them with a nice wedding day and a joyful marriage.

The Graduates:
From High School: Narissa Kwok. Ronald Nghiem
From College: Maggie Lau, Yisi Lau, Ruth Tsang, and Joanne Wu
May God's grace be with all of them as they continue to either further their education or seek a career. Whatever they do, may God get all the glory!

Summer Retreat
Summer Retreat is fast approaching. We only have a little over a month to get all the details in order. This year, we have invited Rev. Albert Seung as the Chinese speaker, Elder Peter Fong as the English speaker, and Brother Lawrence Yeung as the Youth/JV speaker. May God use them to speak to all of us.
Theme: To Be Continued . . . & Scripture: Col 2:6-7
It is time to register!

Events June 2001

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Thursday, 31 May 2001 16:00


June, 2001


Baptismal Service!
We’re planning to have a Baptismal Service on June 17 (Father’s Day Sunday) at 2:00pm at Pastor Larry’s home. We may have two brothers to be baptized (pending on the recommendation of the Board of Deacons and the acceptance by members in a Special Business Meeting to be held on June 10).


There will be a second Baptismal Service later on in the summer, probably in August. Details to follow.


Special Events
Summer Retreat will be held on July 5 through 8. Again, we will return to Lucerne Christian Conference in Clear Lake. The theme for this year is “Pressing On.” The church will have a combined worship on July 8 (Sunday) at 11:00AM for those who cannot be with us at the conference. Pastor Larry will return to conduct the service. There will not be any Sunday School classes on that day.


There will be a special Cantonese Evangelistic Meeting on July 13 (Friday night) from 7:30pm-9:30pm. We’ve invited a well-known female vocalist, Stella Hai Sau Lan to conduct the meeting. Please bring a friend.

Events July 2008

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Monday, 30 June 2008 16:00


July, 2008


Welcome to the Family

During our last Business Meeting, we approved to accept the following brothers and sisters as members: Cheng Shiu, Danny Tseng, Carol Chau, and Becky Hon Lo. All four new members will be baptized. Justin Shiu was also accepted as a new member through application. May they continue to grow in the spirit.

There will be a Baptismal Service on July 27 at 3:00pm at Pastor Larry’s home. All is welcome to celebrate this joyeous ocassion. As usual, dinner will be prepared so as to continue with our fellowship that evening.

Building Project Update

Steel construction has resumed in mid-June. The workers are laying the second floor panels as I write this newsletter, and the roofing will be the next step. It is going to take about four weeks to complete all the steel installation.

The off-site parking issue at the school has been resolved. Since Alum Rock Little League isn’t using the parking on Sunday, we can rent it. A written contract is at the work to provide to the city of San Jose for a Conditional Used Permit application to retain our current multi-purpose building. Please continue to pray for unity and faith as we are moving forward with the project.

Events July 2007

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Saturday, 30 June 2007 16:00


July, 2007


Welcome to the Family

During the Business meeting, we accepted the following new church family members: Daniel Chow, David Chow, Edward Kung, Derek Lee and Jack Lo.


Building Project Update

Talking about stress! We are encountering another setback: several misplaced columns on the metal building drawing were discovered. Upon discovery, an investigation by the architect confirmed errors were made on the drawings. Immediately, the Design Team was instructed to schedule a meeting, and to resolve the discrepancies. A verbal instruction was issued to temporarily halt manufacturing of the steel, pending engineering verification.

A Project Team was formed to expedite the progress: it includes William, Minette, Ming, Daniel and Pastor Larry.

Please pray for a speedy resolution. Through all these challenges, we also thank and praise God for helping us to catch the misplaced columns before the steels were manufactured. Please also pray for wisdom of the Building Project Committee to make right decisions.

Events July 2006

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Friday, 30 June 2006 16:00


July, 2006


Welcome to the Family
During the second quarter of 2006 Business Meeting, we accepted Winnie, Sindra, May (all of whom will be baptized in July), Jenny (who will be baptized in December) and Lan (via application) as members. We welcome them to be part of this growing family, and pray that they continue to grow spiritually and find a place of ministry in the church. The baptismal service will be held at Pastor Larry’s home on July 9th at 3pm. All is welcome to celebrate this joyous occasion.


Short Term Missions
At the time this newsletter is being written, a team of seven (including two children of Pastor Jonathan) is in Taiwan for two weeks of short term missions. One of the team members will extend her stay doing other ministries. Jenny will be leaving for Arizona with CIBC-Oakland for a week of short term missions. Pray that the Lord may use them to minister to the locals and at the same time, open their eyes to see God’s Kingdom from a perspective outside the four walls of church.


Summer Retreat
After a year off, the whole church Summer Retreat resumes this year on July 20th through 23rd. Instead of going to Clear Lake as we previously had done, we are heading to a newer and closer location—UC Davis. On Sunday (23rd), Pastor Larry will return to have a bilingual worship at 11:00am. All Sunday school and children programs will be cancelled on that day.


Building Project Update
As planned, we submitted our construction plans to the City of San Jose for a building permit. Pray that the Lord will guide this process through so that we may be able to receive a building permit in a prompt manner, so that we may start construction.

Events July 2005

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Thursday, 30 June 2005 16:00


July, 2005


Welcome to the Family
First of all, I would like to welcome Pastor Jonathan, Sarah and their two children, Christopher and Samantha to be part of the family at Southbay Chinese Baptist Church. Pastor Jonathan answered the Lord’s call to be the English pastor at SCBC. He brought with him over twenty years of ministerial experience from youth pastor to couples’ pastor. He has already started at SCBC since last month, and the “Official Installation” will be held on Sunday, July 3rd during the Joint Worship. I would like to extend an invitation for you to come and celebrate God’s grace with us.

I would also like to take this time to welcome the five new members, Alfred, Esther, Kevin, Lawrence and Rigo, during the Second Quarter Business Meeting. All of them will be baptized on July 10 (Sunday) at 3pm at Pastor Larry’s home. You are invited to join us in celebrating this joyous occasion.


Missions Update
Starting this month, there will be a total of seventeen people going to short-term Missions trips: Two going to China as English teachers, one going with her school to Southern California, and fourteen to minister to the Native Americans in Leupp, Arizona.


At the close of last month, our Missions Faith Pledge was about fifty percent of our goal. I pray that the Lord will provide with the resources so that our external support will not be altered.


Wedding Bells: Nick and Janely on July 23; and Solomon and Michelle on July 30. May the Lord bless them.

Baby: Hannah was born on 6/17 to Grace & David. Both mother and daughter are resting at home. May God bless their family with lots of joy and laughter.

Events July 2004

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Wednesday, 30 June 2004 16:00


July, 2004


Missions Update
We praised God for allowing us to participate in His grand plan of reaching the people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. I always look upon this as a privilege rather than an obligation. We have more than seventy responded in the Missions commitment and surpassed the Missions Pledge of $45,000. Please continue to pray for the three who will be going to China this summer to teach English and the twelve who will be going to Arizona to minister to the Native American Indians churches.


Summer Retreat Conference
Once again we will return to Lucerne Christian Center for our Annual Summer Conference. The theme for this year is “God’s Work, God’s Way.” The keynote speakers are Pastor Andy Ching (Chinese), Pastor Rick Bennett (English), and Pastor Johnnie Thompson (Youth).


The church will conduct a Joint Worship on July 4 (Sunday) at 11:00am for those who can’t make it to the conference.


English Pastor Update
The Board of Deacons decided not to continue with the candidacy Lionel Chew, but will continue to seek and pray for an English pastor to lead the English congregation.


Building Project Update
The latest decision from the Building committee to the church is to forfeit the underground parking, and a sanctuary that can seat 380 people (first phase), renovate the existing building to pave as a parking lot (second phase), and a two story building as offices and fellowship hall (third phase).


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